Little Red Riding Hood 2018

Sunday 18th November – Chorus Rehearsal – Woolflings & Villagers

Big Bad , Scaredy + Woolflings “Be Prepared”, “Make A Man Out of You”

Required: Big Bad, Scaredy, Mayor, Woolflings & Villagers


Wednesday 21st November – Principal Rehearsal

Run Full Show

Required: All Principals


Sunday 25th November – Chorus Rehearsal

Run all Musicals Numbers and Chorus Scenes

Required: Villagers, Woolflings, Principals


Wednesday 28th November – Principal Rehearsal

Run all musical numbers  and any sticky scenes

Required: All Principals


Sunday 1st December – FULL CAST



Wednesday 5th December – FULL CAST

RUN all musical numbers and chorus scenes


Sunday 9th December –  FULL CAST

RUN SHOW and work sticky bits


Monday 10th December onward – Show week!



On the face of it ‘Little Red’ is just sweet little girl tasked with delivering a hamper to her dear Grandma in the woods. To the outside world she’s sweetness and innocence personified… But secretly she’s the famed vigilante hero ‘Scarlet Hood’ who, along with her trusty sidekick Ginger, is sworn to protect Fairytale Forest from Evil!
Red’s heroic sidekick. So endearingly sweet and enthusiastic he could induce diabetes. Well, that and the fact he’s a literal sweetie – a Gingerbread Man to be specific! Initially he’s a hand puppet but soon finds himself life-sized thanks to a misplaced magic spell.
The dopey double act. Between the pair of them they can very nearly spell IQ. These socalled ‘identical twins’ roam the Fairytale Forest in search of mischief and a snack, having long since polished off their fabled gingerbread house. And recently they’ve set their eyes on what they hope will be their next meal – Ginger!
Our Dame. Far from poor decrepit invalid poor Granny is made out to be in the stories, our Grandma is a great believer in growing old disgracefully! From street dancing to extreme sports, dating to DJ-ing, Grandma is more hip-hop than hip-op. She’s currently on the lookout for a new man in her life, though doesn’t want her beloved granddaughter to find out.
A big, strapping chap, beefy and brawny, the very definition of manhood; These are the things that spring to mind when you think of a Lumberjack… And they couldn’t be further from poor Woody; a nerdy dweeb more interested in cataloguing the flora and fungi of the forest than in wielding the ceremonial enchanted axe inherited from his Woodsman family.
Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Everyone. And with good reason! Big Bad isn’t some simple wolf in sheep’s clothing, but an ancient and magical evil who has both hunted and haunted the Fairytale Forest for centuries. Waiting. But now a full moon shines bright in the night sky, and it’s time for the Howling to begin!
It’s not easy being bad. It takes skill to be scary. You have to really try to be terrifying… Scaredy Cat comes from a long line of baddies and evil-doers and desperately wants to join the ranks of the villainous but just can’t seem to find the evil within. However, thanks to Evil Anonymous, he’s been partnered up with the Big Bad Wolf to learn the tricks of the trade, if only he can settle his nerves enough to ever make it through a lesson!
A relative newcomer to the magical fairy-ing game having only earned her wand twohundred and fifty years ago, Wanda is still very much finding her feet at the whole granting wishes thing. She’s desperate to do her best and impress, but really struggles to remember that fairies are always supposed to rhyme…
Charming, heroic, suave, dashing, brave and the most handsome man in any given room, Robin Hood is the very definition of a hero. The trouble is he knows it, and his ego is now larger than his substantial riches. Having long since retired from saving the forests of Nottingham, he’s looking to retire to Fairytale Forest to live out a quiet life of financial management.
Lots of potential chorus parts in the shape of WOLFLINGS, GHOSTIES AND GHOULIES who inhabit the Fairytale Woods.